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Stingray City - probably the best shallow dive in the world!

Probably the best shallow water dive in the world! You'll struggle to register 15 feet on your depth gauge so Stingray City is suitable for all level and all ages of diver.

credit: Caribbean Producer Services

There are a number of theories as to the origin of Stingray City but the most popular is that decades ago Caymanian Fisherman would sail into the relative tranquility of the North Sound and in the calm water take the time to deal with their catch from that day. They would throw fish guts and by-catch into the shallow water and it took only a short time for the southern stingray to associate the noise of a boat engine with a free meal. Rumours, from the fisherman, of dark black shapes stalking the boats reached the ears of the embryonic island dive community and it wasn't long before scuba divers went to investigate and learned they could feed the docile rays by hand.

We are often asked if the rays are dangerous and does anyone get stung. The answers is no and no. In all the years we've been arranging dives at Stingray City no one has been stung. The Southern Stingray has just one sting and it does not regenerate once used. They have to feel very threatened to deploy their stinger, and who would feel threatened by someone offering them a free meal.

Where else can you feed a wild stingray, wear a stingray sombrero..... this is the closest you will get to scuba diving in a play pen of overexcited puppies.

credit: Caribbean Producer Services

Not yet certified? Not a problem - sign up for a Red Sail Resort Course and do your first ever dive on a shallow reef, then register to join us on a Stingray City dive. Some Stingray facts: - 1) They may not look much like Nemo, but stingrays are actually fish.

2) Stingrays don't use their eyes to find food due to their poor positioning on the top of their head. Instead they use a highly developed sense of smell and electroreceptors similar to those of sharks.

3) Stingrays and sharks are from the same family.

4) They are a master at "Hide & Seek"; burying themselves in the sand to hide from predators and lie in wait for their next meal

5) Juveniles are born fully formed and are a miniature version of their parents; they are sometimes compared to very cute ravioli!

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