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PADI Divemaster training with Red Sail Sports

John Probeck completed his Divemaster training with Red Sail Sports at the end of 2016. He has subsequently completed his PADI Instructor Development Course, followed by the PADI Instructor Exam and has written a few words about his professional training at Red Sail Sports. Congratulations to John on becoming a PADI Professional!

"Last December I picked Red Sails Sports for my Divemaster training and I couldn't have made a better choice. I had been a customer, diving with RSS for many years and already knew many of the staff from the perspective of a customer but it was so much more rewarding to participate as one of the crew. The fact that I was the only divemaster trainee in December was a huge advantage as I was able to get exclusive attention from all of the instructors. I learned so many valuable skills, pointers, gottchas, and just general insight and advice from all of them.

I really hadn't had any plans beyond becoming a Divemaster when I started my internship with RSS but the overall experience was so profound that I recently went on to become an Open Water Instructor and plan on eventually returning to work full time at RSS. I was caught by surprise at how rewarding teaching people to dive could be. One of my favorite memories was assisting Serena on a Discover Scuba Diving open water dive. It was a middle aged couple who had just lost their mother. They had a really tough time getting down the mooring line but didn't give up and eventually went on a dive. I didn't think I'd ever get feeling back in my hand as it was squeezed so tight during the dive.

I also discovered that you can actually wear seasonal appropriate accessories while diving. It was hard to imagine that the hats actually stayed on during the dive but it sure make it easy for our guests to keep track of the dive leads.

I will have to admit that it wasn't all fun and games. It was eye opening to find out just how much work is required to prepare for the dive trips and pool classes but I wouldn't have traded in a minute of it.

Without a doubt, I got to know some really awesome people from all over the world who shared so many interesting experiences. I left in January as a Divemaster but the new friendships and experiences were invaluable."

Are you interested in becoming a PADI Diver? We offer all courses from introductory dives through to Assistant Instructor, including many specialty training courses, email us and find out more at dive

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