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            Frequently Asked Questions


Red Sail Sports has been established for over 25 years and in that time we've received quite a few questions from our guests regarding diving with us.


Please see some of the most common ones below.


If we have not managed to answer your queries, please feel free to email us or call toll free on (1) 877-506-6368


When is the best time of year to dive in Grand Cayman?

The beauty of diving in Grand Cayman is that we can dive year-round!

Whilst we don’t typically have ‘seasons’ as such, there are variations in the weather dependent on the time of year you visit. Generally the West side has the calmest waters with winds coming predominantly from the East, but we can offer dives from the North, West, East, South, the Ex-USS Kittiwake & Stingray City.



What is the water temperature in Grand Cayman? Do I need a wetsuit?

December, January & February typically have stronger winds, with slightly 'cooler' water temperatures - around 80ºF. The waters start to warm up again after this and the hottest months are July, August,& September - when the water can reach up to 86ºF! Most people are comfortable with no wetsuit, or a 3mm shorty (available to rent if required).

I haven’t dived for a few years. Should I take a refresher class?

Yes. For your safety and enjoyment during your dive activities, Red Sail Sports refresher policy is as follows:

Last dive was over 1 year ago - Refresher Course recommended. 

Last dive was 2-5 years ago - Red Sail Refresher Course required. 

Last dive was 6+ years ago - Full PADI Scuba Tune Up Course required. 


You are more than welcome to complete a refresher class prior to arriving in Grand Cayman and take part in a shallow dive before a wall dive.


If you have any further questions about our refresher course policy then please call toll free 1-877-506-6368 or email and our representatives will be happy to assist.


Which dive certification cards do you accept?

All certified divers are required to present a Certification card upon check-in. Red Sail Sports accepts the following certification cards, among others: PADI, SSI (NASDS), NAUI, IDEA, PDIC, SDI, YMCA & HSA.


I forgot to bring my certification card with me, will I still be able to dive?

Proof of dive certification is required to dive with Red Sail Sports. Many of the larger dive agencies (PADI, NAUI, SSI) have an online system to look up divers, so if you have forgotten your certification card we should be able to find you if you are certified with one of these agencies. If not then we recommend that you contact your certifying agency prior to arrival on island.


Should I make reservations in advance, and if so how far in advance do you recommend?​

In order to guarantee spots on our dive boats it is best to book prior to leaving for your trip to Grand Cayman. Dive packages that can save you up to 30% can only be booked prior to arrival on island Just like hotels and airlines, spaces are limited and can sell out on our dive boats.

There is no set time limit to book, however the earlier you book the better your chances are of availability on board the dive boats.


I won't be staying at any of your partner hotels, how do I get to the dive centre?​

Red Sail Sports offers complimentary pick up/drop off to/from the dive boats for all hotels & condos in the Seven Mile Beach area.


Are Nitrox tanks available?​

Yes, Nitrox tanks are available for Nitrox certified divers for an additional cost. Don't forget to ask about a Nitrox package if you are diving for three or more two-tank dives. Please inform the dive shop in advance if you would like to have Nitrox tanks available. Please see our Nitrox page for more information.



What type of tanks do you use?​

Aluminum 72 & 80 cubic foot tanks are used on the dive boats with a standard yoke valve. DIN adapters and 63 cubic foot tanks are available on request. 

100 cubic foot tanks are available for an additional fee. 

Please note we need at least 24 hours notice to make sure the 100’s  are available.

Are dive lockers available?​

Yes, dive lockers are available at our dive shops in the Seafire Resort & Westin Seven Mile Beach Resort. Even if you are not staying at these hotels we can store your equipment in a locker during your stay.


What do I need to bring with me on the dive boats?​

Just towels and sunscreen. Drinking water is readily available and fresh fruit is served between dives.


Do all the training courses include equipment?​

Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses include tanks, weights, BCD, regulator and wetsuit if required. Specialty courses include tanks and weights only. Other equipment such as wetsuit, BCD and reg can be rented.


What are your maximum ratios and customers on boats?​

We strictly adhere to PADI standards when teaching courses and never take more than the PADI ratio allows.

For the Discover Scuba Diving Resort Course the pool ratio is 8:1 and the Open Water Dive is reduced down to 4:1.

For the PADI Open Water Course the ratio is 8:1 - but in reality the number of students actually on the course is usually much lower.


On our dive boats we guide wall dives to a maximum ratio of 10:1 (although usually less) and the Kittiwake Wreck is guided at 8:1.

Our dive boats have a capacity rating of 28 passengers, but we limit this to 24 - so we have lots of room to manoeuvre! Our dive boats are very spacious, so even on the odd occasion that we do actually have 24 divers aboard (Christmas week, Easter), there is still plenty of space for everyone!


How long are the boat rides?​

On the West side of the Island the dives sites are located between 3-15 minutes away. The Kittiwake is approximately 10 minutes from the Westin Hotel.

The North Wall takes 20 - 25 minutes (depending on the dive site) to get to from our Safehaven Dock. Stingray City Dive takes around 15 minutes also leaving from our Safehaven Dock.


Do I need to have a medical before scuba diving?​

It is not a pre-requisite to have a medical before scuba diving, however if you have a pre-existing medical condition which may have changed since you last saw a Doctor, or have had recent surgery it is advisable to consult a Diving Physician before you arrive. Before starting a diving course you must fill out a PADI medical questionnaire.


Do I need to have dive insurance?

Whilst dive insurance is not compulsary to dive with us, it is always highly recommended.

Please check that your health/travel insurance covers you for your Scuba Diving activities.

If it  doesn't then we recommend Divers Alert Network (DAN) for great insurance options.


Divers Alert Network Grand Cayman
What medical facilities/equipment do you have available on land and on the dive boats?

We have oxygen kits and a well equipped first aid kit on all of our boats and in the dive centres. Every member of our dive staff is a certified Emergency First Responder.

Grand Cayman has extensive medical facilities, as well as a Hyperbaric Chamber in George Town.


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