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Diving with

Diving with Nitrox Grand Cayman


At Red Sail Sports we have our very own Nitrox Compressor, making diving with Nitrox more accessible than ever!


Our Nitrox tanks are blended to approximately 32% - giving you the optimum mix for our planned dives.


When diving with air on our 2 tank Wall dives, the first dive is guided down to 100 feet for up to 35 minutes, and the second dive is to 50-60 feet for up to 50 minutes. If you dive with Nitrox however, you can extend your bottom time to 45 minutes at 100 feet and up to 1 hour at 50-60 feet!


Nitrox tanks are available for $15 per tank.


If you have booked a dive package or you take a Nitrox certification course with us you can then take advantage of our Nitrox package rates and extend your bottom time for less!


A nitrox package is a minimum of 6 tanks at just US$60.00 – saving you 33%!



5 Reasons YOU should be diving with Nitrox!


       Longer bottom times - Stay down longer than if diving on normal air. When diving                      Nitrox we breathe a higher percentage of Oxygen so absorb less nitrogen.


          Shorter surface intervals - because you absorb less nitrogen during the dive you this              means you can jump back in the water sooner!


          Longer repetitive dives - diving with a higher oxygen mix means that your second dive            can be longer than if diving with air.


          Feeling 'less tired' - many people report they feel much less tired after diving with                     nitrox compared with air. This could be down to the reduced amount of nitrogen that                your body has absorbed, therefor having less work to 'off gas' later on.


          Safer profile if dived as air - many people use nitrox to just dive it as an air profile. This           adds an extra level of conservatism to your diving. Something that 'divers of a certain                 age' may feel the benefit from!


If you are not Enriched Air Nitrox certified and would like to find out more then see our Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty page to see how easy it is for you to get certified and get the most out of your diving and start extending your time underwater.






Nitrox diving Grand Cayman
Nitrox diving Grand Cayman
Nitrox diving Grand Cayman
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