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Cost: US$175.00
Duration: 1 day
Dives:  N/A
Minimum Age: N/A
Maximum Depth:  
Current First Aid CPR, Primary & Secondary Care training required for the PADI Rescue Diver Course

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Do you have current First Aid Training? Would you know what to do in an emergency situation?


Emergency First Response is a PADI affiliate that specializes in teaching these lifesaving skills - and they’re for anyone, not just divers!


With Emergency First Response training you will learn serious medical emergency response skills in an upbeat, positive environment.You gain the confidence to be prepared to help out in an emergency.


What you’ll learn: 

- BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR and rescue breathing at the layperson level

- AED (automated external defibrillator) use

- Preventing and caring for shock

- Spinal injury management

- Use of barriers to reduce disease transmission risk

- Basic first aid and first aid kit considerations


This course is run over one day and generally takes 6-8 hours depending on class size and student progression.


Whilst the Emergency First Response Course is a required certification for the PADI Rescue Course, many people find the skills they learn during this course important and invaluable to everyday life.


The class will involve watching the Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary Care DVD, followed by a practical session with your instructor. You will practice different skills for dealing with real-life emergency situations such as CPR, rescue breathing and using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) which will then be followed by a multiple choice exam.


Upon completion of the course you will receive a certification card valid for 2 years.


Ready to get started? Call 877-506-6368 toll-free or email us to book your course dates!

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Emergency First Aid Course Grand Cayman
First Aid Course Grand Cayman
First Aid Training Grand Cayman

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