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Grand Cayman Dive Sites

West Wall Diving

With 365 dive sites to choose from — there’s something for everyone!

Click on the dive map on the right to see the dive sites in Grand Cayman.


Below is a pick of a few of our favourites:

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The West Wall is readily accessible by our flat-top boats - with dive sites as close as a 5 minute boat ride away, world class diving is literally right on our doorstep!

Trinity Caves - max depth 100 feet

Made famous in the 80’s by the movie ‘The Firm’ - Trinity Caves is one of our most requested dive sites. The word ‘caves’ however, is slightly misleading - there are a series of 3 large, beautiful swim-throughs that weave in and out of the main reef, bringing you out on the wall at around 80 feet. The Dive is maxed out at 100 feet and ends on top of the wall in around 50 feet of water where you can watch your bubbles floating out of the reef. A beautiful dive site not to be missed.

North West Point - max depth 100 feet

Located on the North-West tip of the island this is one of our less frequented dive sites due to stronger currents sometimes present here. Because it is visited less than other dive sites it is in fantastic condition, with bright sponges and amazing coral formations. The dive is maxed out at 100 feet, but the top of the reef is slightly deeper than most at 65 feet - so watch your no-deco limit!

Big Tunnels - max depth 100 feet

Quite possibly the most requested dive site on the West side of the island, and for good reason too! Big Tunnels maxes out at 106’ as you swim under the giant coral archway on the edge of the wall. This is sheer wall which is approx. 300 feet in length and etched by many winding channels and canyons. While there are many smaller tunnels, crevices and overhangs, the real thrill of this dive is the arch. In addition to the swim through opportunities, a large school of tarpon hangs out in the canyons.

Sand Chute - max depth 100 feet

Sand Chute is one of those great dive sites that has everything! Amazing drop-offs, swim-throughs and a huge wreck at the end! The ‘Sand Chute’ is a huge sand slope which looks like a snow ski run with mountains of coral formations bordering the sides. The top of the slope is around 60 feet and drops away to well over 300 feet! At the top of the slope you will get a sneak peek of the Kittiwake Wreck!

Orange Canyon - max depth 100 feet

Orange Canyon is located towards the North-West corner on the West Side of the island and is named for the bright, beautiful and huge Elephant Ear sponges that adorn this dive site. This is a spectacular dive, alive with colour and a bright and healthy reef. As it is prone to current it cannot always be dived and that's what makes it all the more special when the conditions are right!

Paradise Reef/Oro Verde Wreck - max depth 50 feet

Arguably one of the best shallow dive sites in Grand Cayman! Paradise reef is fantastic on it's own - but combine that with an old banana trading vessel that was sank in the 80's (ask our dive crew to tell you the story!), and it's a shallow dive not to be missed! Teeming with life on the reef and the wreck, this truly is one of our favourites.

Aquarium North & South - max depth 50 feet

You can probably guess how the Aquarium dive sites got their name! With the abundance of marine life covering this reef, Aquarium North & South are always a great choice! Follow the coral fingers around at the start of your dive keeping an eye out in the sand for Garden Eels, Stingrays and possibly an Ealgeray passing by. Finish your dive on top of the reef surrounded by schools of Tang, Squirrel Fish, Jacks & Snapper. Perfect!

La Mesa - max depth 50 feet

The 'Table' top is a fantastic reef that plays host to a huge amount of marine life. The top of the table is at around 30 feet, and drops down to 50-55 feet. Start your dive off at the base of the table and slowly start to circle your way around it. You will see vast ledges which are home to cleaning stations, where you can stop and watch a grouper getting his daily clean and marvel at the beautiful sponges hanging upside down on the ledge. Finish the dive on top of the table amongst the huge schools of Jacks, Chubb, Barracuda, Snapper & Squirrel fish.

North Wall Diving

With arguably some of the best wall diving in the world - the North Wall is a trip not to be missed.

Princess Penny's Pinnacle - max depth 100 feet

Princess Penny's is a beautiful pinnacle that is slightly separated from the main wall. As you circle around the pinnacle you'll see huge fans and whip corals stretching out towards the blue. The pinnacle can almost remind you of a beautiful ancient oak tree standing separate from the wall, encrusted with life. As you wind your way around the pinnacle keep an eye out inside the reef for moray eels and crabs. As you shallow out on top of the reef this is a great time to look out into the blue for passing Eagle Rays and possibly sharks. On top of the reef is a great place to spot Spiny Caribbean Lobster.

Eagle Ray Pass - max depth 100 feet

Eagle Ray Pass is a deep coral chasm leading to the wall. It is an awesome formation with towering coral heads, coral archways and narrow crevices-filled with magnificent sponges, gorgonian fans and black coral. This magical spot is also a regular gathering place for Eagle Rays that cruise along the face of the wall.

Gail's Mountain - max depth 100 feet

Gail's Mountain is an extraordinary coral formation perched on the edge of the drop-off. In fact, it is the only formation of its kind known to exist off Cayman. It is around 250 feet across at the base, rises to within 40 feet of the surface and is flat on the top. This formation is flanked by two coral canyons that spill over the wall and give it an awe-inspiring appearance. 

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