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What's the best way to learn to dive?

You've finally decided to take the plunge and begin a new exciting adventure - learning to scuba dive! But what is the best way to complete your Open Water Diver certification?

PADI's Open Water Course is made up of 3 sections designed to give you the skills to become a certified, self-sufficient diver.

Assuming you already meet the course prequisits (at least 10yrs old, able to swim, and fit for diving), you can enroll on either the Open Water eLearning Course or the Open Water Referral Course with Red Sail Sports.

Open Water eLearner Method

Complete your PADI eLearning online (12-15hrs) and contact Red Sail Sports to book your course for when you arrive in Grand Cayman.

The Open Water Diver course takes 2.5 days. On the first day you will do a quick review of your theory, and all the necessary confined water sessions in one of our partner resort's swimming pool. The second and final day will have you finally out on our boats for your four open water dives!

Open Water Referral Method

This method is designed to get you in the water faster when on vacation!

You simply contact your local dive shop and complete your theory and confined dives before you arrive in Grand Cayman. Make sure to book your open water dives in advance of arrival, and bring your Open Water Referral Form.

The Referral Course with Red Sail Sports takes 1.5 days. On the first morning we will do a quick theory and confined review before we take you out for your four open water dives.

We look forward to seeing you in the water soon!

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