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Cost: US$195.00
Duration: 1 day
Dives:  1
Min. Age:  10 yrs
Max. Depth: 60 Ft*
-Scuba diver or above certified
-PADI Medical Statement Required
*Depth limit depends on age & certification level
10.00am -12.00pm:  
Pool & theory session

2.00pm -4.30pm: 
Shallow reef dive

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Red Sail Sports refresher is perfect if you would like to refresh your skills or haven’t been diving for over two years. Please note that if you have not been diving within the last two years, a refresher course is required.


As Scuba Diving is a technical sport with ever changing procedures and equipment, it can be easy to forget basic SCUBA skills. This course will reacquaint you with diving so that you're back to feeling comfortable in the underwater world in less than a day, re-familiarizing you with safe dive practices, dive planning, equipment and computer use.


The morning will start with a basic dive theory session to review safety procedures, buoyancy control and emergency situations. 


We will then get you up to date with the dive equipment you will be using before jumping into the pool to practice skills such as mask clearing & out of air procedures.


You’ll then join the afternoon boat to complete a shallow dive. You will be accompanied by an instructor who will ease you back into diving and guide you around a beautiful shallow reef.


We recommend a Refresher course if you completed your Open Water course more than a year ago and have not dived since.


Upon successful completion of your Refresher Course you are more than welcome to join us on any of our other dives - such as 2-tank West Wall, the Kittiwake and North Wall. If you are looking to dive for multiple days during your Cayman vacation, have a look at our

great value dive packages.


Ready to get started? It’s easy! Download the PADI Medical statement to ensure you are in good health for diving then contact us on 877-506-6368 toll-free or email to book your dive experience!

Refresher Course Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman
 Grand Cayman Refresher Course Red Sail Sports
Setting Up Equipment

Please see our Dive Policy before making any bookings

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