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8&9 yr olds

PADI Bubblemaker
Bubblemaker for Kids
Diving for Kids

Diving for the Kids - $90

4.15pm Every afternoon (Booking required)


For kids 8 and 9 years old, this 45 minute pool dive program is designed to safely introduce young adventurers to the thrill of breathing underwater.


Youngsters can now get their first taste of scuba in a safe, controlled environment. The dive takes place in the shallow end of a pool with a maximum depth of 6 feet. Our PADI instructors are there to teach proper scuba techniques to youngsters. A second bubblemaker adventure can be arranged in the sea!


Bubblemaker gives kids the opportunity to experience water in a new way, making it the perfect beginning for a lifetime of diving. This program encourages youngsters to continue the fun of diving in the future. Get your kids started off on the right fin!


Got youngsters 10 years or older? They can take part in one of our PADI Discover Scuba Resort courses.





Please click             to view the Bubblemaker statement that will need to be completed in resort before participation is allowed.

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