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The Winning Photos

A BIG thank you to everyone who entered this year's Legends and Lions Undertwater Photo Competition! The competition was fierce, with many fantastic entries submitted across both the Amateur and Professional divisions.

Please scroll done and admire some of the events best entries.

Division: Professional, Category: Macro

1st place: "Arrow eyes" Jim Catlin

2nd place: "Arrow Crab" Dusty Norman

Honourable Mentions:

Jim Catlin (Shrimp in a sponge)

Courtney Platt (Pike Blenny)

Susannah Snowden (Squid colors)

Chase Darnell (Slender file fish)

Chase Darnell (Cling fish)

Susannah Snowden-Smith (Squid eye)

Division: Professional, Category: Wide Angle

1st place: "Freedivers on the Kittiwake" Courtney Platt

2nd place: "Sunrise at Stingray City" Susannah Snowdon-Smith

3rd place (tied): "Mangrove" Chase Darnell

3rd place (tied): "Horses" Christian Black

Honourable Mentions:

Ellen Cuylaerts (Kittiwake)

Jim Catlin (Grouper Mouth)

Simon Morley (Action on the Nicholson)

Susannah Snowden-Smith (Starfish)

Division: Amateur, Category: Macro

1st place: "Blenny" Dawn Clerkson

2nd place: "Green Shrimp" Addie Wee

3rd place: "Slender File Fish" Elizabeth Wyatt

Honourable Mentions:

Kevin Morales (A1.3 Seahorse)

Zaure Russell (LR1.1 Coney)

Lauren Knuckey (amacro1 Flounder eyes)

Division: Amateur, Category: Wide Angle

1st place: "Wreck Eyes" Richard Moody

2nd place: "Guardian" Daniel Kapuscinski

3rd place: "Green Turtles" Jackie Healey

Honourable Mentions:

Addie Wee (Angels on the wreck)

Simon Pitcher (Puffer)

Samantha Widmer (Snorkeler with shell)

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