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Why take additional diver training?

Whether you are a new diver, having only recently obtained your Open Water certification, or you have been diving for years, it is always beneficial so seek further dive education.

PADI's Advanced Open Water Course is designed to advance your diving, building your confidence and expanding your knowledge.

As well as fine tuning some basic dive skills, your 5 Adventure Dives allow you to pursue other areas of diving that may be of interest, such as Wreck Diving. An additional benefit is that each adventure dive may be used as credit towards the first dive of the corresponding PADI Specialty Course.

The most convenient method to complete your Advanced Open Water Course is by signing up for PADI's online E-Learning, so you can work through the theory at your own pace, and then join Red Sail Sports for the fun practical side!

Don't delay to advance your diving! Contact us now so we can help determine a schedule that works for you.

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