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L&L: Lionfish Specialty

Red Sail Sports Legends and Lions Dive Package offer guests the opportunity to attend our weekly lionfish seminars scheduled throughout Scuba Month!

The red lionfish, Pterois volitans, has become notoriously well-known in the dive world as one of the most detrimental threats to reefs and ecosystems to the Caribbean region. First signted off the coast of Florida in the 1980s, their population has exploded and they have been sighted as far North as New York, down to the coast of Venezuela.

The lionfish seminars aim to educate divers of this voracious predators detrimental effects to our fragile reefs, and what we can do to control their numbers.

Each full seminar will review general background information on the lionfish, before we get practical and have you enjoying some target practice with our spears! We then take you out on our one-tank Lionfish Cull boat dive!

Get an additional certification! Upon completion of the lionfish seminar, you will have the opportunity to 'upgrade' to receive your PADI Caribbean Lionfish Containment Specialty for just a small processing fee!

Don't forget, Red Sail Sport's is offering 7 nights with the Legends & Lions Dive Package for just

$1099 per diver!*

*based on two sharing, taxes/fees & airfare not included.

View our Legends & Lions webpage for more information on the package and the weeks available.

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