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L&L: Who are the Legends?

We will be celebrating the annual Legends & Lions event over four weeks from September 5 - October 3, with the final week honouring the 2015 inductees - the Legends - into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.

ISDHOF exists to recognise those who have contributed to the success and growth of recreational scuba diving in the areas of dive travel, entertainment, art, equipment design and development, education, exploration and adventure.

This years ceremony will take place on Friday, 2 October 2015. Tickets to the event are included when you book with Red Sail Sports for the final week of our Legend and Lions Dive Package!

The Legends to be inducted at the 2015 Hall of Fame include:


Considered one of the first instructors to teach scuba dving in the Caribbean, Peter Hughes helped develop pioneer Dive Resorts such as Anthony's Key and Dive Bonaire. He made a transition to the live-aboard market when he started the Dancer Fleet, a field he is still active in today. For almost 3 decades of promoting the sport of scuba diving via live-aboard diving, the ISDHOF is proud to welcome him as a member.


For over 50 years, Dr. José Jones has been training people to dive. He began his own club, the Underwater Adventure Seekers, in 1959 as he found that existring clubs were reluctant to admit and train potential black divers. Since then, he has been directly responsible for the development of many dive clubs including the National Association of Black Scuba Divers with more than 50 brances worldwide. He continues to motivate and introduce students with his passion for marine science, environmental science and the career opportunities in these fields.


Bill High began diving in 1955, and since became a NAUI instructor in 1961, has certified thousands of students introducing them to the world of scuba diving. Maintaining a constant involvement with the many facets of underwater science, diver equipment, maintenance and training, he has been a major contributor to each edition of the NOAA Diving Manual. Bill is also credited with developing standards for scuba cylinder inspection and safety, and has published five editions of the book 'Inspecting Cylinders'. Mr High has previously received three NOGI awards presented by the Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences.

WALLY MULLER 1930 - 2005

Captain Wally Muller was a long-time fisherman, who explored reefs in the Swain sector of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and the unchartered waters of the distant Coral Sea atolls. He single-handedly established and developed the entire live-aboard indutry in Australia's outer GBR and Coral Sea.

International dive companies had almost booked out the Coralite during the late 70's due to his extpertise in visiting remote, clear shark habitats. He helped the careers of many underwater cameramen during his shark filming expeditions. The ISDHF proudly highlights the exploring nature of Captain Muller.


Well known in the world of underwater photography, Dimitri Rebikoff developed and manufacted the first portable electronic flash in 1947 and developed under water camera’s for Jacques Cousteau and other pioneer divers. He also developed and constructed the first underwater scooters and first ROV. Mr. Rebikoff wrote several books and articles over the years including Exploration Underwater (Exploration Sous-Marin) in 1952, a year before Cousteau’s The Silent World. He eventually moved from France to the US where he worked on various projects for the Navy.

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