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West Wall Diving Grand Cayman
West Wall Diving Grand Cayman



West Wall Diving Grand Cayman

Two-Tank West Wall Dive

COST: US$150.00
WHEN: Every Day

TIME: 8.15am-12.30pm

No. OF DIVES:  2


Every morning at 8am we operate a two-tank dive to the sites of the West Wall.


The top of the wall is between 40-60 feet and gradually slopes away into the abyss! The first dive of the morning will be a west wall dive — famous for its huge sand channels, swim-throughs and amazing scenery. This will be a guided dive down to a maximum depth of 100 feet, followed by a surface interval of up to an hour.


The second dive of the morning is a buddy team dive to 50-60 feet for up to 60 minutes, and will be on one of our shallow reefs or wreck sites. A guide is also available on the second dive if you prefer to follow.


The shallow reefs have an abundance of fish life, and regular visitors are Hawksbill turtles, Great Barracuda, Moray Eels, Tarpon, Stingrays, Spotted Drum as well as all the usual Caribbean reef fish! The west side also has several purpose-sank wrecks that are full of fish life — some of these wrecks have been underwater for over 30 years!


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