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Name: Rod McDowall

Position: The Big Boss

Dive Certification: Instructor

From: Australia

Favourite Marine Life: Stingrays

Favourite Dive Site in Grand Cayman: Paradise Reef

Rod came to the Cayman Islands in 1982, and has been actively involved in the Scuba Diving and watersports sector since his arrival. He initially worked for Bob Soto's, and joined Red Sail Sports in 1987, becoming the Operations Manager in 1989. He has helped position Red Sail Sports, Grand Cayman as one of the world's premier and successful diving and water-sports companies. He has served as President of the Cayman Islands Watersports Operators Association, was one of the founding leaders in the formation of the Cayman Islands
Tourism Association, serving as its President and sat on its Board for many years and a founding Board member of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.


  • Red Sail Sports Operations Manager
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