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Night diving Grand Cayman

1-Tank Night Dive

COST: US$106.25
WHEN: Wednesday

TIME: 5.45pm-8.15pm (times may vary summer/winter)

No. OF DIVES:  1


See the underwater world in a whole new light! 


Even a dive site which you may have visited during the day takes on a new personality at night, as many underwater creatures and plant life (different from those you see during the day) are active at night.


You will get to see and experience so many cool and unusual things on the amazing night dives in Grand Cayman. Did you know that Parrotfish create a 'bubble' around themselves at night so predators can not smell them? Or curious Octopus come out to hunt at night and you can tell what mood they're in based on their colour?!

From sleeping turtles to hunting snake-eels — there's always something different to see in the dark! Dim the lights and wave your hand about — you'll see plankton sparking like embers on a fire! It truly is an amazing experience.


This is a guided dive out to one of our shallow reefs on the West side of Grand Cayman.


If you're interested in gaining more experience in Night Diving then why not take your PADI Night Dive Specialty course? Check out our specialty page for more details.


The more you dive the more you save! If you are planning on doing 3 days or more of diving please see our PACKAGES page for great deals.Our packages start at just $307 for three days of diving!


Call 877-506-6368 toll-free or email us to book your dive vacation with Red Sail Sports today.


Alternatively you can book using our online reservation system, just click the 'BOOK NOW' button below to book your diving today!*

Please check out our Dive Policy before making any bookings


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