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Stingray City Dive Grand Cayman
Stingray City Dive Grand Cayman
Stingray City Dive Grand Cayman

Stingray City Dive

COST: US$80.00
WHEN: Tuesday & Thursday

TIME: 2.15pm-4.30pm

No. OF DIVES:  1


Claimed to be the most fun you can have in 12 feet of water!


One of the largest tourist attractions in the world, Stingray City is a must for any diver visiting Grand Cayman. 


The site consists of a wide sand channel that runs parallel to the barrier reef and allows North Sound to empty on an outgoing tide. Diving depths range from 9 to 12 feet and the bottom is a combination of flat sandy areas and small, solitary coral heads.


The site was first noticed in the 1980's, when North Sound fishermen came to the calmer, shallower waters just over the reef to clean their fish. Soon they noticed stingrays, scavengers by nature, hanging around the boats waiting for any leftovers. Next, some divemasters got in the water to hand-feed them, and before long the stingrays had become the Cayman Island's most famous and favourite attraction!


Today, you can swim under, over, and along with the rays. This dive is a must for any diver visiting Grand Cayman!


The more you dive the more you save! If you are planning on doing 2 days or more of diving please see our PACKAGES page for great deals.


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Sting Ray City Grand Cayman

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